Random Quranic Verse plugin for WordPress

Tonight I just got a good news from Usayd Younis. He lets me know that random Quranic verse plugin for WordPress is already available for public use. This plugin utilizes the Islamic service provided by Mukmin.info and displays the Quranic verse on your website. You can get more information about this and download the plugin on this page.

Once again, thanks Usayd for your effort. May Allah reward your good deeds.

So folks, what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy and let Quranic verse ornament your day. šŸ™‚



  1. Asalamualikum

    Jazakallah for the post, I am assuming that the person above wants it in Indonesian? In that case I will have a go at adding indonesian to the script and the revised version will be availiable soon.


  2. I’m sorry the only other language availiable is Malaysian which I can add to the plugin, if anyone has any other languages availiable please contact me.

  3. Berikut ialah maklumat mengenai sumber Al Quran :
    “Database Al Quran terjemahan ini adalah bersumber dari http://www.isnet.org yang menyatakan ianya terjemahan Al Qur’an berdasarkan buku “Al – Quraan dan Terjemahnya” oleh Departemen Agama Republik Indonesia. Maklumat lanjut di http://www.isnet.org/misc/terjemah.html. ”
    Jadi ia sememangnya udah dalam bahasa Indonesia. šŸ™‚

    For the English translation, it is taken from :
    http://www.nzmuslim.net by Syed Mohammad Rasel ( syedrasel@hotamil.com or syed@nzmuslim.net ). Mora at http://www.nzmuslim.net.


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