A new begin of Mambo?

It seems and is most likely that Mambo CMS will face a new begin of development cycle as the Mambo Open Source Development Team has just broke their relationship with Miro, the main sponsor. You can read the development team’s letter to the community over here.

I personally will support this action and join the new development of Mambo. The problem is now, we still don’t know yet whether the ‘new’ Mambo will be still the same as the ‘old’ Mambo or will be re-structured to align the new vision. But anyhow, it won’t matter much. One thing that does matter is to keep Mambo free and open source. Long-lived freedom!

You can keep up to date with this issue by visiting the home of the ‘new’ Mambo, http://www.opensourcematters.org/, or by reading the following blog: The Lone Mamber (updated August 22, 2005).


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  1. Why, I’m rightly proud to see so many blogs already supportin’ the cause of the community and core team of the CMS formerly known as Mambo.

    I’ve been coverin’ this debacle in-depth since the beginning, with a low-down on just what Miro have done since August 11th. Surely it’s a date that will go down in open source history, no doubt.

    Thankye kindly for takin’ the time to comment,

    The Lone Mamber

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