I’m home

On Sunday, May 22, 2005, I was back from my vacation. It was a great and enjoyable period of time this year. I hope I could do the same things as well in the future and meet all people I love and care soon. Now, let me go back to the real life. Furthermore, please accept my big apology to all of you who already sent me e-mails but never get a reply from me. These people will get my response as soon as possible. Please, be patient, will you? šŸ˜€

Internet access in my hometown is very limited and expensive. I even have no computer at home. Can you imagine how I live over there? Most of the time I spent my days to things that I can’t do in The Netherlands, like eating delicious foods, travelling to rural areas, and visiting relatives. As result, I gain some weights now. I become fatty than ever. Huh… I must begin exercise again. But, never mind… šŸ˜€