Upgrade to WP 1.5 Strayhorn (2)

It’s been a while after I upgraded this weblog to WP 1.5. So far nothing to complain, though. I’m quite happy with the features this software offers me. 🙂 As I said before in the previous post, this time I would like to give you some information about how I did the upgrade. I know everyone can get this kind of information everywhere on the internet. Just use Google and enter some keywords, voila! You’ve got the results. But, that’s not the point why I’m writing here. I do this because I’d like to keep a documentation for myself about things that happened on this site and perhaps it will be also useful for you as well. You may decide whether you want to continue reading this post or just stop right here and go somewhere else. Up to you. 🙂

As the matter of fact, upgrading is not one of my favorites things to do. I hate it very much. But, when it’s a must, you can’t run away from it. You won’t risk something for something that might become your greatest nightmare in the future, right? So, the work must have been done someday.

The following information may differ from your situation, so please always refer to the official documentation of WordPress before you’re doing something stupid. 🙂 I repeat, please do this with your own responsibility. (disclaimer)

First thing to do, get the copy of the latest version of WP. Extract it somewhere in your hard disk. Please make sure before you do the upgrade, you make the back up of all of your files and database as well. Just to be prepared for the worst things if something goes wrong in the process. In my case, I did the upgrade by using the fresh files that have been extracted before. Upload them to the server. Delete the old ones. don’t overwrite them. But before doing this, please set aside the all files you’ve modified. You’re going to need them if you want to customize the website like the old one. Otherwise, you can safely delete them. Database and old wp-config.php can be kept intact.

After all new files have been uploaded, run this link from the folder you store the WP files, /wp-admin/upgrade.php. For example: http://www.yourdomain.com/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php. The upgrade process will be executed automatically. You will be notified when it is done.

Now, try to login to your administration section. If you can login and the contents of the website are displayed properly, you have done the upgrade very well. Congrats!

Having done this, it’s now time to manage and customize your website. In my situation, I dropped all customizations I made before and begun with new ones. First, I started with the theme. I found the previous theme a little bit boring and needed something new. By using this theme as the base, it made my day much much easier. Just tweaked it a little bit, changed the fonts, the header and the sidebar, and added a navigation menu. Here you are, my weblog got a new look. 🙂

Furthermore, I installed some plugins I found useful. Below is the list of those plugins:

1. Adhesive: to make a sticky post.
2. Auto-close comments: closes your comment form after a specified period of time.
3. Auto Excerpt: makes an excerpt of every post automatically.
4. Blacklist: to drive the spams away.
5. Gravatar: to show the gravatar image beside your name on comment page.
6. Recent comments: displays the recent comments on this weblog.
7. Force Word Wrapping: to wrap a long text.
8. WP-Contact Form: embeds a contact form on any page.
9. Click Counter: to count how many a link has been clicked.

All these plu
gins can be downloaded at WP-Plugins.net.

Several things have been also added, such as:
1. Nice title
2. Livesearch
3. Blockquotes

You might notice that the site makeover has also taken place with my other sub-sites in this domain name. I tried to make them all similar with this weblog, although maybe in some parts still show the old layout. I will get into that later when I have enough time. At this moment I’m just quite satisfied with the achievement.

To make the navigation of this website easier, I also arranged a little bit the sitemap. From now on, all downloads will be available in the Downloads section. My CMS sites can be reached through the CMS Area page. Some information about me can be found in the About section. And when you think you need to contact me, just use the new contact form available on Contact Me page. As you can see, this website is better viewed with FireFox, latest version of Internet Explore and Opera.

Enough said for tonight, I hope you get something interesting over here.



  1. lho kok merasa kehilangan? mungkin mas kusaeni perlu beradaptasi saja. 🙂

    lagipula saya masih tetap mempertahankan ciri khas saya, yaitu kesederhanaan. sesuatu yang saya pegang dari dulu.

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