Free Random Hadith Quotation Service

Alhamdulillah, it’s almost finished now. ūüôā

I already planned this thing long time ago. But, because of lack of time and some other things happening around my life, I haven’t had a chance to realize it very soon.

The idea firstly came up when I saw this website,, which serves a random hadith everytime you press the ‘reload’ button. It then triggered my curiousity. As I became interested to have the random hadith from that website displayed on my site, I’ve already tried so many ways to get the job done. I went through from one approach to another, but still yet without any significant results. At that time, honestly I was about to give up until I found this website, Ensiklonesia.NET. It gave me the idea how I should approach this issue best. Instead of grabbing or fetching the hadith directly from the website, why don’t you make it by yourself, right? By doing that, you will have full control over what you do.

As the time goes by, my main intention has changed. I do not want to have it for myself. Now, I want to do the same thing as Ensiklonesia.NET has done, providing it to the public and making it available for free. It’s not for showing off or something like that, I do this because:

  • I want to share it.
  • I want that everyone could enjoy the feature of the random hadith quotation as much as I do.
  • Anything that is free should be free as well, especially in this case, it’s all about public knowledge.

Can I see the demo of this service?
Just look at the rightside column of this site, under title “Random Hadith”

If you asked me, when are you going to release the random hadith quotation service publicly?
I would say, soon. Insha Allah. I need to manage everything well for the ‘big’ day, like inserting some more data (read: hadiths) into the database, writing and putting some information about the service and how to use it, and other things that haven’t come up yet.

Until then, please stay tuned.