Upgrading to MT 3.01 Free Edition

In opposition to what had been stated before, today I upgraded the MovableType software I use here to the latest version, namely version 3.01D. I still choose for the free one as I only need a weblog with an author.

After that, I also modified the navigation menu of this website. The main idea behind it, was to make my website a little bit organized and easy to navigate. I hope after implementing this modification, people can find their way and jump from one part to another part without any significant difficulties. As you can see over here and on other parts of the website, the menu was made with help of a DHTML/Javascript menu system. Thanks to OpenCube.com for providing such a good tool.



  1. Yes, the interface is also very cool and nice to see. I think this version is much better than the previous one. Unfortunately, there are some limitations for using it c.q number of weblog and author. But, for the rest, no complaint about that. 🙂

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