MovableType goes commercial!

After waiting for a long time, Six Apart, the company behind the most used blogging software in the world, MovableType, has released the Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition a few days ago. Different with the previous releases, this release is coming with new pricing scheme which has ignited some hot discussions among the MT-users. Below are some links I found related to this issue. There are pro’s and contra’s, though.

As the result of this, some users have decided to move to another alternative, such as WordPress and TextPattern, which are seeming to have better prospects in the future. The other still wait or stay with their current MT version. Of course, there are users who already upgraded their MT to the latest one and payed for that. After all, the choice is absolutely yours!

I myself think that I am going to stay with 2.6x release as I’m quite happy with that. I just use MT for blogging and to record something I did, felt and found around my life. I’m not a MT-developer so why I should bother with this issue. For me, all blogging systems are the same. It could be that one system provides more than another, but you should realize the main idea(s) behind your blogging activity and to which direction you will achieve with that. So, any choice for blogging system wouldn’t hurt you as long as you know what you’re doing.