Weather 1.31 for PostNuke released today!

Today, J.M. Vedrine has released the latest version of the famous weather module (version 1.31). It has been tested under PostNuke 0.726 + XTERC3 and the new PostNuke “Golden Release” 0.750 RC2. Before installing it on your website, please read the “IMPORTANT README.txt” file first because over there you will find some important issues regarding the release. Fortunately, Jean-Michel has been kindly enough to provide me the file as well, so you can also download the latest version of this module here, on my website.

For any changes happened surround the development of the module, please refer to the changelog.txt.file inside the “docs” directory of the module.

We, Jean-Michel, me and other people who already involved in the project, hope you are going to enjoy using the module and please let us know when you have any suggestion or comment about it.



  1. om 🙂 salam kenal.. saya banyak membaca artikel di blog om.. wah sangat berbobot. dan saya banyak belajar dan mendapat link dari sini, makasih yah and gimana to resepnya menulis seperti om itu bisa sangat bagus materinya 🙂

  2. salam kenal kembali dan terima kasih atas komentarnya. tidak ada resep khusus. yang jelas, harus berani tampil beda dan banyak latihan saja. 🙂

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