Moved to and an update for Quran module/component

To make the development of the MOS Qur’an component and module much better in the future, I already moved all activities regarding this component to Which means, from now on, all releases of the component will be available over there. Please visit the project page here.

Some weeks ago someone had pointed me some typos found in the surah (chapter) names for the English translation of the Quran module/component. He also had provided me the fix. What a nice guy he is. 🙂 Thanks Ali Khan for your kindly cooperation. I really appreciate what you did. You can get the fix here. Moreover, no other significant changes have been done to this module/component.

For people who have downloaded it in the past, please update your Quran module/component with this file as soon as possible. And for the people who are going to download it, you don’t have to do anything. The fix file is already included in the package. Just follow the installation procedures and the module/component will be running well.

Due to lack of time, the PN Quran Module has not been updated yet with this fix. Therefore, I suggest you to apply it soon manually. More information about this will be available soon.


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  1. di kantor temen, dipersilahkan brosing, nyari mambo (barusan denger dr temen), e… kesasar sampe sini, boleh kenalan mas…?

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