PostNuke, Licences and Commercialism…

I quoted the title above from one article I read today on It’s quite interesting anyway to have such statement from someone behind the PostNuke Management team to response on some issues raised recently around PostNuke. I hope, it will clear up a lot of things which in my opinion are needed to assure the future of PostNuke.

For people who don’t follow quite well the development of PostNuke nowadays, here are some links on that will lead you to the article written by Vanessa Haakenson.

As one of the results of all those argumentations, Alexander Graef aka MagicX from Portal)ZINE® has dropped his support to the PostNuke community since the beginning of this month. We all know that he was one of the most active PN developers ever. I personally admire him a lot and appreciate all of his work and contributions to the PN community. Thank you and good luck with your coming project, Fenix®. MagicX!

Here are some links I found on MagicX’s site which will describe his situation and point of view. Some articles were also written by his friend, Sam aka Neo.

PostNuke is and will always be GNU/GPL.