Joining orkut

Finally someone has invited me to join orkut. Thanks Thomas for your invitation. I really appreciate what you did.

Do you want to know what orkut really is? Please check here or read the following excerpt:

orkut is a community of friends and trusted acquaintances that connects individuals through a social network that grows person by person.

With orkut, you can catch up with old friends, make new acquaintances through people you trust, and maybe even find that certain someone you’ve been looking for everywhere.

orkut helps you organize and attend events, join communities that share your interests, and find partners to participate in the activities you most enjoy.

Maybe in some ways it’s just like Friendster or other community services out there, but orkut seems to have more things to offer that differentiates it from the others.

I already set up my account and filled in some information about me on orkut, hope someone would be interested to be my friends in the future.

Are you Indonesian and want to join orkut as well? Maybe I could help you to find your way to orkut. Please send me your full name, e-mail address and motivation why you want to join orkut. Please remember, not everyone will be invited, though. I will do some eliminatory selections.



  1. Hi
    I am a student in US and I want to make friends here as I have recently come to US.
    Please invite me

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