New Release of Weather Module for PostNuke

A few days ago, I got a copy of the latest version of weather module for PostNuke developed by Jean-Michel Vedrine from Marc. This release is actually a maintenance release of the module after some issues with grabbing forecast information from the main weather provider, MSNBC, have been fixed. And now the module itself comes with another great feature, namely it can also grab weather information from For the last one, you need to sign up for an account at Don’t worry, it’s free. Just click here and you will be redirected to the registration section. After all, you can control the way you retrieve the forecast through administration menu.

To make it available for public download, I already set up a new link on my site where you can get the copy of this great module. I hope the author doesn’t mind with this action. Please let me know, if someone has any objections with this distribution and I will remove the link right away. The download will be kept privately.

Get the copy of weather module here.
Demo: Click here.

Update (03:10 PM) :
I just got an e-mail from Jean-Michel regarding his weather module. He said that I’ve been allowed to distribute it on my site. Thanks God. ūüôā He also kindly sent me the recent version of the module as well. If you already downloaded the module in the past, please update your copy with this one by clicking on the provided link above as some new features have been added to the module.