Syndication with RSS

RSS is a nice method to make your site’s content publicly available for other users to use remotely by providing the links and the excerpts of the content to them. You may also consider it as an automatic content distributing system without having to do it by your self manually. In other words, anyone can get your content by simply syndicating your RSS feed and then displaying it on his/her website, of course with one condition, if and only if you allow people to do such things 🙂

Some articles below will give you a good overview and explanation what RSS really is.

1. What is RSS? by Mark Pilgrim.
2. Making An RSS Feed by Danny Sullivan.

Another way to read all those RSS feeds, instead of visiting each site you want to syndicate on daily basis, is by using a feedreader or RSS newsreader. This feedreader will make your life much easier, because you can read all feeds at once on your desktop. As I have more than 30 sites to make a daily visit, this method has helped me pretty much and I can use the time which was previous allocated to visit the sites to do something else. Isn’t that great? 🙂 You can get the list of some newsreaders here. I myself will highly recommend you to use BottomFeeder as it is an open source software. But hey, who am I to influence your decision? It’s really up to you. Just choose the one which you enjoy most.

Another new format of XML feed is recently coming and it seems that this will be a promising one. Atom.
What is Atom? This article will explain you a little bit about it. Thanks Thomas for providing the link.

Other related links for Atom:

1. The Atom Project

Do you want to syndicate my content?
Of course, you may to do that. Here are my RSS feeds.

1. RSS 1.0
2. RSS 2.0
3. Atom