New blocks for PostNuke and modules for Mambo are released

I just wanted to inform you that two new blocks for PostNuke and two new modules for Mambo Open Source 4.5 Stable are released tonight for public download. Nothing special actually. I just modified and converted them from the original ones developed for PHP-Nuke to respectively, PostNuke and Mambo. I don’t know, I just don’t have any ideas at the moment to develop my own module, block or component. Maybe someday I will. Furthermore, you may believe it or not, converting or modifying one software from one platform to another platform has become my habit. ūüė¶ Do you think this is a bad thing to do? Please have your say by leaving a comment here. I will appreciate any suggestions or comments from you as a visitor and a user.

BTW, let’s go back to the blocks and the modules I mentioned before. They both are exactly identical and simple in structure. The only thing which differentiates them is the CMS platform used to get the block/module working.

Prayer Times for Muslims
This block/module will display the daily prayer times of a specified city collected from PrayerMinder.Com. Before using it, please edit some variables you find in the file in order to have the right prayer times for your city.

Foreign Exchange Rates to Indonesian Rupiahs
This block/module will display the foreign exchange rates to Indonesian rupiahs on your site. Data are collected from, the site of one of the biggest banks in Indonesia.

You can download them all in the downloads section of this site, or just click on two links below:
1. PostNuke version
2. Mambo version

I hope you will enjoy the blocks and the modules.