Two new ATL themes for PostNuke are released

Today I released two themes I made for public download. These two themes are the themes I used before I changed the theme of my site to the recent one. They all can only be used together with AutoTheme Lite (ATL) .7, a HTML theme engine developed by Shawn McKenzie. Therefore, please install ATL .7 first before using one of the themes.

  • Minimalist. As the name already said, this theme is really a minimalist. Without any images at all, just text only. It uses CSS quite extensive, although not tableless yet. Click here for preview and download.
  • YAMinimalist, abbreviation for Yet Another Minimalist. This theme is less minimalist than the first one. It uses some images and the rest are CSS-dependent. Click here for preview and download.

Any suggestions or comments regarding this release are always welcome.
I hope you’re going to enjoy using the themes as well.