New Year’s Eve and Celebration 2004

This is my first entry in 2004. šŸ™‚

Today, I feel very happy and lonely at the same time. I miss my beloved people very much; my family, my friends and not to forget, my dearest one.

I already made my new year’s resolutions and will try to bring them into life. Although, in some cases I don’t even have clues how to accomplish my goals. šŸ˜¦
But, yeah, life must go on and life is much more exciting when you realize as it is, right?

Yesterday, I just stayed at home, watching some movies on TV, doing some works on the net and trying to amuse myself with anything I can play with at home.

Here are some photos taken during new year’s eve 2004 in Rotterdam. Photos were shot from my room’s window. I hope you’re going to enjoy them.


For full pictures, please go to my gallery by clicking here.