Migration from PN to MT, done!

Thank God, at last I can finish the migration process of my site from PostNuke to MovableType today. The old PostNuke part is still available and you can reach it by clicking on PostNuke on the navigation menu above. As you can see over there, the PostNuke side has also a new layout in order to incorporate it seamlessly with the MovableType one. Nothing special, actually. Btw, I call the new layout of my site, NeoSimplicity. It is based on the default style of MovableType, Clean and I modified the style to make it a little bit different with the original one. For PostNuke, I made the layout with AutoTheme Lite, one of the greatest theme engines available at the moment for PostNuke. After all, with help of Simplified CSS Tab, I made the navigation menu.

You still can download all modules and blocks for PostNuke and the Indonesian language pack for Mambo Open Source for free by visiting the downloads section of this site. For demos, please visit the PostNuke side of this site.

FYI, as you might notice before, I write my journal in Indonesian. That’s why when you browse my site, you will find some entries are written in Indonesian. I will try to write my entries as many as possible in English, but for some reasons, the Journal part will be only available to Indonesian people. My great apology for that.

Alright folks, I hope you will enjoy the new look of my site. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.