Mig 1.3.8 for PostNuke

A few weeks ago, some people have asked me whether I would make Mig, the image gallery I use here, available to them by re-packaging it so that it can work instantly with PostNuke. At that moment, I honestly had no idea whatsoever why they came with such question. But, from some e-mails I got asking about Mig, it seems that they encountered some problems in installing it on their PostNuke site. Hmm… ūüôā

Fortunately, I got free time today and have succeeded re-packaging Mig in order to fulfill the demand. You can now download it in the download sections of this site. The manual how to install Mig quickly is also available in the package. What you have to do is to unzip and upload the package into your server. After that, edit some variables in config.php and Mig is ready to use. I assume you don’t have access to run perl scripts and ImageMagick installed on the server to create thumbnail images automatically, that’s why you need to create them manually with your favorite image editor. For full documentation, please read the readme.txt and other documentation available in the package.

All credits go to the original author, Daniel M. Lowe.

I hope you’re going to enjoy it.