A Maintenance Release of PN Quran Module

A maintenance release of PN Quran Module (version 1.1) is now already available for public download on my site.

This release fixes some problems, updates some information and adds a new feature, such as:

1. Fixing broken links for listening and downloading the Quran
2. Adding a new audio feature when displaying ayats (verses) and surahs (chapters), which makes you easier to read and listen the Quran at the same time.
3. Adding security check function
4. Incorporating the random verse block within the module, so you don’t need to download it separately.

The module has been tested using PostNuke 0.71x and higher and on WAMP/LAMP environment.

Demo: Click here.
To download the module, please go to the downloads section of this site.

Please enjoy the maintenance release of PN Quran Module (version 1.1) and let me know if you have any suggestion, comment or find some bugs. Thanks.

Note: Please do not download the older version anymore and upgrade your current PN Quran Module immediately.