duniakita.net and the coming PN Quran Module

Yesterday, I launched my new website which calls, duniakita.net – The Indonesian resource for Content Management Systems. That site is mentioned to provide all information to Indonesian people who want to know more about CMS. That’s why it’s written in Indonesian. The information you get over there was collected from many resources I found on the Internet and then formulated by me in my own words. It’s still under heavy construction and the contents are not complete yet, but in the meantime you are able to give me some suggestions or maybe help me by providing the contents. Any help is welcome, though. šŸ™‚

In order to get structured on the development of PN Quran Module, I’ve opened an account at SourceForge.net. You can reach it by clicking here.

BTW, the coming PN Quran Module would be quite different from the old one as ‘DiN, my co-developer, has developed a nice and powerful module to replace the old one. FYI, in the next release of the module, all credits will go to him as I only helped a little bit by tracking the bugs, managing the project and maintaining the demo website. In the future, the files would be only available for download through SourceForge.net. I’ll come back to this issue again soon when everything is already done. Thank you for waiting and I hope you’re going to enjoy the coming PN Quran Module.

P.S. A patch for the recent PN Quran Module will be available soon in the downloads section. The patch will fix the broken links mentioned in the previous announcement and add an audio feature. And maybe some other stuffs.. šŸ™‚