My Recent Situation

Hi everyone,

How’s your day? Great, isn’t it? I hope so.. 🙂
As you might notice, it’s been a while that this site hadn’t be updated anymore. My great apology for that. I know, that was not my intention before. But, the recent situation just won’t let me to do that. 😦 It has been also a hectic time for me for a while and it seems that the coming weeks also. I got many things to do and other things to be fulfilled right away. That’s why I’m afraid, you are not going to see many changes and updates on this site for a moment.

Here is the list that I would like to do and accomplish in the near future:

  • The next release of PN Quran Module. I’m going to do it together with my brother, ‘DiN, as he also has developed the same module for a while which is still not for PostNuke and also not for any CMS. The module you will see later would be much like a portal one and integrated in the PostNuke system.
  • Adding some new enhancements to PN Internet Radio and TV modules/blocks. But, at this time it is still not clear yet.. 😦
  • A new layout of this site. Maybe the one which is simple, nice, and powerful hehehe..
  • Next month, insha Allah, I’m going to Indonesia to take some good time with my family. Meet parents, brothers and sisters, other families and not to forget, experience some new adventures. Oh my, time goes so fast..

Alright folks, that was my small announcement. If you have any question, comment, or need some supports for the module, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please, take into account it needs a while for me to reply. I admit, there are still some questions and requests for help open. I’m sorry for that. Anyway, I’ll do my best to find the solutions. But, self effort would be highly appreciated, though. 🙂

Have a nice day and take care!