Indonesian pnCommunity goes live

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Starting from April 7 2003,, an Indonesian pnCommunity site is online. This site is aimed primarily to promote, endorse and support the use of PostNuke as a very competitive and reliable solution for content management system for Indonesian users. As a country populated by over 200 million people, and around 20 million are able to access internet, certainly we have a promising vast community of web workers.

The progress in making this pnCommunity site is certainly not a smooth one. Started by discussion in a forum at (a pn site owned by an Indonesian computer programming magazine) by Eko Sulistiono, brumie, KingRichard, LuriDarmawan, etc. — sorry I couldn’t remember– some Indonesian pn developers and users already agreed joining forces to make and maintain a site to serve purposes stated above. The first move was made by brumie (Abraham Irawan from who provided a subdomain + hosting space, named at the late 2002. As time passes by, this site wasn’t improving as expected. And so the hope waned.

But recently, ignited by an e-mail posted in Indonesian nuker mailing-list by me (Reza Moegni aka remoeg — simply a newbie compared to other names appeared in this article), suddenly positive responses (again) flowed in. A webmaster (Yanto Prawoto from — a PN site for script writers and those involved in TV industry) agreed to register a TLD domain and also provides the hosting space (50 MB – not much for you perhaps, but certainly very much enough for our site !) from his hosting service provider ( And another one (Luri Darmawan from — a developer site for open source project) willingly take the responsibility maintaining the site by his project team. And so the site goes alive.

However, this site is still an infant; a lot of work needs to be done immediately in order to meet the goals — official theme design, modules, blocks, language translations, and of course tutorials, manuals, FAQs in Indonesian language. Therefore, we from the site admin team would like to see new comments from Indonesian pn users appearing on our site and saying that they are willing to joing this challenging pnCommunity site. Or perhaps if you are not Indonesian, but have some experiences in maintaining a pnCommunity site, and would like to share your ups-and-downs, you are also welcome to give valuable inputs for our site.

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