New release of PN Internet Radio and TV modules/blocks

Today the newest versions of PN Internet Radio and TV modules/blocks have been released.

PN Internet Radio v. 1.1.1
PN Internet TV v. 1.1

1. Could be loaded/used as a module and/or a block.
2. Enhanced with popup function and cookie based system, meaning that when the module is loaded, the block will be closed. It happens also when the popup window opens, the module and the block will be respectively disabled.
3. Administration menu available.
4. Multilingual.

Changes have been made:

1. Adding some new features, popup function and cookie based system.
2. Code optimization. Fixed some issues.
3. Some corrections to the language files.

What need to be done in the future:
To solve the issue with loading the popup window. When it is loaded, it will in some cases interrupt the feed when the user try to navigate the rest of the site right after the loading.

But for the rest, everything is just fine ūüôā

You can download the modules in the downloads section of this site.

For upgrade:
Just replace the old files with the new o√ā¬≠nes. No database changes.

– Please check your real player and media player softwares whether they’re functioning properly before using the modules in order to avoid bad display.
– Don’t download the previous versions of PN Internet Radio and TV modules/blocks anymore as they still contain many bugs. Please download the new o√ā¬≠nes instead.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please send me an e-mail to ‘kyantonius at kyantonius dot com’ or use the ‘Contact me’ feature available under the ‘Main Menu’.

Have fun!