Language error

I found some errors in German language files for PN Internet Radio module. Those errors are already fixed and the new language files have been included in the package. Sorry, I didn’t make it available separately.

For people who have downloaded the module before this announcement and experience the problem with displaying the German language, please refer to this:

You can download the module again and have the latest version.

Or, you do the following things manually:

  • Open your german language files in folders ‘includes/language/blocks/deu/’ and modules/Internet_Radio/lang/deu/’ with your favorite editor.
  • On lines 33 and 34, you will find a word ‘ein’ before the sign ‘;’. Delete that word and save your file.
  • After that, upload them all in to your server and try to call the module again.

That will be all. 🙂

Thank you for your attention and my apology for this inconvenience.