Small errors on PN Quran Module

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made some small errors on the database queries for the Indonesian translation of PN Quran Module.

The errors that were found:

  • At the table structure for table ‘quran_id’, it must be ‘surano’ instead of ‘surahno’. A typo.. You can find it in the sql file ‘quran1-1000.sql’.
  • There were two data missing in the sql file ‘quran5001-6000.sql’ at line 241 and 300. I forgot to type the name of sura.

All of these errors are now fixed.

For people who have downloaded the Indonesian version and/or All version of PN Quran Module before this message announced, please re-download it again and just replace the MySQL database affected.

My apology for this inconvenience. Thanks to people who have reminded me for the errors.